Experience the Fee-Only Difference

Fee-only financial planning means that your financial advisors are unbiased and objective. At Warren Ward Associates, we do not sell financial products. We only sell our expertise. As you probably learned long ago, anyone can sell you a product. But not everyone can advise you on your individual situation.

With Warren Ward Associates, you pay for our time and our knowledge. We are trained to see the context and ask the right questions, questions that you probably did not know would have an impact. It’s not just that you can’t see your own situation objectively (although that is part of life), it’s just that it takes a level of training and type of background to know how ask the right questions.

As your fee-only independent financial advisors, our job is to ask the right questions to get to the right answers for your situation.

Here is what others have to say about Fee-Only financial planning:

“The most important matter is how the planner is compensated. Hire the planner who… has no financial stake in [your] investments.”
Forbes magazine

“Start with… a financial planner [whose] compensation should be from fees alone.”
Money magazine

“Try to use a planner whose self-interest is aligned exclusively with your own… Consumer Reports continues to believe that fee-only planners remain your best option.”
Consumer Reports